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Moving to West LA Has Become an Attractive Option for Many
“I won’t go east of the 405” is a common phrase you’ll hear uttered around Los Angeles. Due to traffic — and a multitude of other reasons — many Angelenos have declared themselves fervent Westsiders. Indeed, the proximity to many of the beachside areas — including Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and Malibu — is enough to persuade people to look into West Los Angeles real estate. However, deciding to live in West Los Angeles is often a cultural decision as well. Those who prefer enclaves such as Cheviot Hills and Palms may be displaying their interest in a more suburban and calm lifestyle — even if they are living in one of the world’s biggest metropolises.

What Exactly Is West Los Angeles?
The definition of what West L.A. is usually depends on who you’re talking to. While some Angelenos will use the aforementioned 405 as a dividing line, others are more expansive in their definition. Some will even use the term West Los Angeles as a kind of catch-all that refers to any street that is not encompassed by a particular neighborhood. For instance, if your home is just off Robertson but maybe isn’t technically Beverlywood, you may find that real estate people refer to it as being in West L.A. Whatever the case may be, those who consider themselves Westsiders will often speak of their choice to live there proudly. In Los Angeles, designating oneself as an Eastsider or Westsider is often a necessity due to traffic. With some of the world’s most notorious jams — and some of the most environmentally conscious residents — this is a city that has good reasons for splitting itself up into different regions.

Why Many Go West
In the Hollywood area, one is more likely to find expensive vintage stores, lots of parking meters, and the grimy reminders of a city filled with millions of people. But when one ventures to West Los Angeles, there is less of a sense of big city living. Houses tend to be more spread out and arranged in configurations that support raising families. In fact, many of the most prominent private schools in the area, such as Lycee Francais de Los Angeles, are located on the Westside.

Perfect for Those Who Work on Silicon Beach
For those who want concrete proof that the Westside is full of job opportunities these days, look no further than Silicon Beach. The term refers to all of the tech companies that moved onto the Westside within the past few years. With companies like Snapchat setting up offices in the area, there is no doubt that the tech world sees West Los Angeles as an increasingly attractive option. Although some might argue that the real estate in West L.A. is expensive, it looks unbelievably cheap when compared to buying a house in Palo Alto. For people who want to live somewhere that boasts excellent weather with the benefit of wonderful work options, West L.A. is definitely alluring.

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