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An Overview of Sherman Oaks, California Real Estate

Sherman Oaks, California

Sherman Oaks is a town in Southern California. It is located in Los Angeles County and is one of the most popular suburbs of the city of Los Angeles. In Sherman Oaks, residents are able to enjoy plenty of quality restaurants as well as employment and business opportunities. Along with having a good economy as well as places to dine out, Sherman Oaks has a public school system that offers quality educational opportunities for children and teenagers. There are also some private schools that can provide a high quality education to children and teenagers as well. When moving to Sherman Oaks, there are plenty of houses that you can consider. If you are currently in the market for a house in Sherman Oaks, it is recommended that you seek assistance from a top Sherman Oaks realtor to find the ideal home.

Types of Homes

Whenever you are shopping for a home in Sherman Oaks, there are a few that you can consider. In Sherman Oaks, you can buy a single family home, a condo or a luxury home. Each of these types of homes have their benefits and as a result, provide an ideal living environment for anyone that is looking to be a homeowner in Sherman Oaks.

Single Family Homes

The most common and popular type of home that people buy in Sherman Oaks is a single family home. This type of home is the most common available in the town. Single family homes are detached structures that include a roof, a driveway, a garage and a couple of yards. Most single family homes in Sherman Oaks include 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This is an ideal home for anyone looking to live in Sherman Oaks due to the space and autonomy this type of home provides to homeowners. The pricing of these homes vary depending on the age and the condition. However, the price of single family homes in Sherman Oaks is competitive as you can buy some of the most affordable homes in Los Angeles County in this suburb.


Another type of home that you can purchase in Sherman Oaks is a condominium. This type of home is a unit in a complex. Condos are a lot less common in Sherman Oaks but there are some that you can purchase in any market. With a condo, you can live a low maintenance lifestyle as these units allow you to continue living an a smaller and economical living space without the need to maintain yards and other structure of the property. Condos are very popular among professionals and those who are either downsizing or retired. Condos are among the most affordable housing units in Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles County.

Luxury Homes

Prospective residents of Sherman Oaks who are looking for a large home that provides plenty of amenities will want to consider a luxury home. This type of house is usually a large estate that includes up to 8 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a 6 car garage. Some luxury homes are small than this but these types of homes are usually well over 4,000 square feet on average. These are the most expensive homes on the market but they provide homeowners with a type of housing that offers a very spacious environment to live as well as allowing the homeowner to sell it for millions of dollars more than what they spent to purchase it. Therefore, luxury homes provide homeowners with the most value.

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