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An Overview of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills is one of the top cities in Los Angeles County California. Originally a farmland for producing beans, Beverly Hills was later purchased by investors who were looking to produce oil. While the area did not have the expected oil supply, it did have water which allowed these investors to prosper from this valuable resource. Over the next several decades, Beverly Hills was built into an upscale town in one of the nation’s most popular areas, Southern California. The city of Beverly Hills is known for its quality restaurants, famous shops and luxury homes. When looking to buy real estate in Beverly Hills, you can look into a number of options which include, single family homes, condos and luxury homes.

Types of Homes

One of the great things about Beverly Hills is that it has a variety of different types of homes that you can purchase. Depending on your budget and desired price range, you can purchase a condo, single family home or even a luxury home in the city of Beverly Hills. Each of these types of homes have their own unique benefits and can therefore allow you to enjoy a great lifestyle when living in Beverly Hills.

Single Family Homes

When looking to buy a home in Beverly Hills, you can purchase a single family home. This is one of the most popular types of homes purchased in the city. A single family home is a detached property that includes a front yard, a back yard and a garage. Single family homes are more affordable than luxury homes and are priced higher than most condos. However, they come with a number of benefits such as more privacy, lots of space. A single family home is ideal for families and those who are looking for a more autonomous living environment. Today there are lots of quality homes for sale in Beverly Hills that are in this category.


When buying in Beverly Hills, another type of home that you can purchase is a condo. This is a property that serves as a hybrid of an apartment and a single family house. A condo is a unit in a building that you own. So instead of renting an apartment, you can buy a condo in order to live in this type of environment. With a condo, you can receive a number of benefits such as a low maintenance living environment, a staff to provide you with support, community amenities such as a pool and a gym and also an opportunity to be part of a more sociable environment.

Luxury Homes

Anyone looking to buy a home in Beverly Hills will often seek to purchase a luxury home. In fact, many of the homes purchased in the city are of this category. A luxury home is a large estate that has many rooms as well as lots of land. With a luxury home, you can get a pool, a tennis court and a garage for several cars. Luxury homes in Beverly Hills often include an elegant design both inside and outside of the home. Along with an updated and elegant design, luxury homes provide you with the most space compared to other types of homes. Most luxury homes are 5,000 square feet. While these are the most expensive homes available on the market, they provide buyers with the most resale value and a very enjoyable lifestyle.

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